Friday, October 10, 2014

4th Wedding Anniversary

10/10 is our 4th wedding anniversary. My darling's company allows to take an anniversary leave, so he took a day off yesterday (10/9) when we both have time! (As you know, I need to edit video on FRI. haha)

We decided to go to TOKYO SKYTREE since we haven't been there yet!!! Of course we went up to Tembo Galleria (Highest reachable point: 451.2m). It wasn't that crowded but the estimated waiting time was about 5-15min. Not bad, but I bet there will be more people on the weekends.

SKYTREE printed on the tickets for Tembo Deck and Galleria.

Halloween photo booth on Tembo Deck.

We enjoyed shopping at Solamachi and had dinner at 食幹 (Shokkan - Japanese Restaurant) on the 30th floor. The night view from the restaurant was beautiful and their dishes were amazing. You must try out their Donabe Paella ;)

Our wedding posts back in 2010:

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  1. Congrats to u, ochikeron san :) Love to watch yr cooking & also tried a few dishes for my kids to eat ;) Thumbs up !

  2. ありがとう Jerukmanis1287!

  3. thanks for watching and trying out my recipes, Cristine~ :)

  4. My favorite HALLOWEEN Treat is carmel apples decorated like a pumpkin! Also, CONGRATES!!!!

  5. Congratulation ^^ our 4th wedding anniversary was on 18th September, pretty close ! When i went to Japan skytree just opened so I couldn't go there, sounds amazing

  6. hi ochikeron,I'm from Taiwan,I love to wath your video,because the food in your video looked so delicious~~
    by the way,the pumpkin so cute~~~

  7. Congratulations! I was there the day before yesterday and it was very cloudy so we chose not to go to the gallery. It was the day of the typhoon so it wasn't crowded as well.

  8. Such a beautiful couple . :') ... Awww you guys are super duper cute together ☺����.

  9. Congratulations! My darling and I alzo celebrated 4 years married this year too. Ours was in July. May your marriage be long and wonderful.

  10. >Michelle
    thank you!

    wow congrats! yeah, it was still crowded but better than the time it opened. maybe next time?! hehe

    thank you! they had many halloween stuff :3

    oh really!? yeah, it is pretty expensive, so you'd better go up when the weather is nice ;)

    >R greenbluelove
    thank you :3

    >Lynda Russell
    congrats to you, too! yes!!! i hope i can enjoy time with my darling forever. hehe

  11. I just love your 4th wedding anniversary images! Did you book any wedding banquet hall or restaurants? I am also planning for my wedding anniversary and thinking to book some reasonable San Francisco restaurants.

  12. hehehehe.. Happy anniversary and many many more to come.. :)

  13. A very good article!! The same is for us guys, too. I'm in my seventies and am enjoying it because of these truths. In fact, I am trying to find Happy Anniversary Images. Do you might have?


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