Friday, December 12, 2014

Pregnant Belly Painting for our Daughter (Oct. 11th 2014, 30 weeks 5 days) 授かりアート ベリーペイント (娘)

FYI: 授かりアート ベリーペイント (Sazukari Art Belly Painting):

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  1. Such grat pictures, really awesome :) and your husband's voice reminds me of Nakao from Lovely Complex (boyfriend of Nobu-chan, she always calls him darling ) :D

  2. how cute <3 your belly was so beautiful and you two look so happy in the pictures.I´m so happy you can spend christmas with your baby.blessings :3

  3. Aaaaww.. so cute.. can consider doing this in future.. hehehhe !!

  4. Just beautiful and I like it so much more than the plaster molds of the mothers tummy that I have seen. Love that you could get a transfer for your keepsake! What a talented artist that did this for you both!!


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